Review: Massive Owl’s Castle Rock @ The Lowry

Massive Owl’s abstraction of Stand by Me, an adaptation of Stephen King’s novella The Body was a beautiful view of the microscopic. Starting with a landscape description of Castle Rock as the audience stare at the words on a projected screen, the story unfolds of an unknowing and sensitive relationship between the images of three voiceless characters in … Continue reading Review: Massive Owl’s Castle Rock @ The Lowry

Review: Ghosts @ HOME

Henrik Ibsen’s Ghosts is a character driven narrative, exploring the minds of five characters interwoven into each other through family, incest, moral duty, and the fear of loneliness. This review is however, is in praise of the set design by Berlin designer Johannes Schultz. Schultz’ stage design was a perfect match for Ibsen’s atmospheric narrative. It depicts … Continue reading Review: Ghosts @ HOME